Tea Regulation and Licensing


The Directorate regulates and controls the cultivation of tea; registers tea growers and management agents. It also licenses tea manufacturing factories and regulates and controls the method of manufacture.

While licensing a new factory, the Directorate ensures there is adequate leaf to meet processing capacity, without creating over-capacity in any given zone. Licensed factories are required to maintain a register of growers falling under them, on behalf of the Board.

The Directorate may vary, cancel or suspend any license issued to a company if the terms and conditions of the license are violated. The Board monitors compliance on all aspects of tea regulation and control of cultivation and manufacture of tea.

To date, The Directorate has licensed 62 smallholder-owned factories managed by Kenya Tea Development Agency Ltd and 39 private estate companies. Before issuing of licenses, the Board ensures that no manufacturing over-capacity is created in any tea catchment area, and that any new manufacturer has more than 250 hectares of mature tea bushes to run the factory.