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mark of origin tea board kenya

About Us

What We Do

What We Do

  • To guide the development, promotion, and regulation of the tea industry for the benefit of the tea growers and other stakeholders;

  • Coordinate activities of Individuals and Organizations in the tea industry;

  • Facilitate equitable access to the resources and benefits of the tea industry by all interested parties;

  • Make recommendations on the formulation of policies plans and strategies for the regulation of the sub-sector;

  • Register tea factories, tea growers, warehouse operators tea packers, tea buyers, exporters, importers brokers, management agents, tea auction organizers, and green leaf transporters;

  • License tea manufacturers;

  • Promote best practices and standards along the value chain;

  • Facilitate the marketing and distribution of tea

  • Coordinate prioritization of research;

  • Regulate the sale import and export of tea;

  • Develop a national tea marketing strategy;

  • Prescribe the maximum period and minimum amount for payment of green leaf;

  • Promote value addition and the demand and consumption of tea;

  • Identify market needs and advise on issues related to national and international trade;

  • Monitor and enforce compliance tea standards and the Act;

  • Advise on levies fees, import and export duties and on agricultural cess and fees;

  • Undertake capacity building and technology transfer to the counties.