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about cofftea 533pxCofftea was established in 1984, by the current Group Chairman; Mr. Mohamed Salih Idris. And to reflect the company's core business, the words "coffee" and "tea", were combined together, creating the well recognized name: COFFTEA!. The group is directed by Mr. Siddig M.S. Idris as, Cheive Executive Officer. Initially, Cofftea operated as a bulk provider and distributor of coffee and tea to wholesalers in all the regions of Sudan.

In 2002 Cofftea launched the first specialised tea packing factory in Khartoum designed to pack 20,000 MT annually, in a space of 5,000 sq.m. with its flagship brand Al Ghazaltain (The two gazelles). The factory packs the finest blends of Kenyan teas; using the highest standards of tea packing for both loose packets and teabags.

In 2012, To meet the growth and expansion in scale of operation, manufacturing and the demand for our premium brands, a new factory was launched in 2012 with capacity of 35 Million Kgs of tea, as well as State of The Art blenders and Coffee roaster with capacity of 3 Million Kgs per annum. A further replicated model, a factory established in Mombasa with the latest machinery, equipment and automated blending and packing facilities, to serve targeted markets in UAE, Egypt, East Africa, Europe & US.

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