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Kenya Tea Industry Performance Highlights

Kenya Tea Industry Performance Report - 2022 May

Tea production for the month of May 2022 was more enhanced by 4.77 Million Kgs from 45.32 Million Kgs recorded in the same period of 2021 to 50 Million Kgs.

Compared to the previous months, production for May was higher than 41.17 Million Kgs recorded in April and 46.32 Million Kgs in March. Higher production was attributed to good weather conditions characterised by warm temperatures and enhanced rainfall.

Though the month of May usually marks the cessation of the "long rains" season over most parts of the country except for the Coastal region and Western Kenya, several parts of the country experienced slightly enhanced rainfall, which was above-average during the first half of the month and near-average during the second half of the month.

 kenya tea industry performance report 2022 may

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