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Kenya Tea Industry Performance Highlights

Kenya Tea Industry Performance Report - 2023 July

Tea production for the month of July 2023 was higher by 10.69 Million Kgs from 34 Million Kgs recorded during the same period of last year to 44.69 Million Kgs. Improved production compared to July last year was attributed to occasional rainfall and generally cool weather conditions experienced in the country. However, due to the cold weather conditions, production for July was slightly lower compared to an output of 48.12 Million Kgs recorded in the month of June. During the month of July, the highlands West of the Rift and a few areas over the Central Rift as well as highlands East of the Rift recorded moderate to lower amounts of rainfall. In the tea growing areas, moderate rainfall was received in the West of Rift with Kericho recording daily precipitation averaging 47 to 73 mm while Nandi and Bornet recorded average rainfall of 10 to 44 mm. The rest of the tea growing areas in both the West of Rift (Kisii/Nyamira) and the East of Rift recorded minimal rainfall averaging 1 to 14 mm daily. Consequently, output in the West of Rift during the month of July this year was higher by 7.07 Million Kgs from 28.06 Million Kgs recorded during the same month of 2022 to 35.13 Million Kgs. Similarly, production within the East of Rift in the month of July also surpassed that of the same period last year by 3.62 Million Kgs from 5.93 Million Kgs to 9.55 million Kgs.



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