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Kenya Tea Industry Performance Highlights

Kenya Tea Industry Performance Reports - 2022 April

Tea production for the month of April 2022 recorded a drop of 3.12 Million Kgs from 44.29 Million Kgs recorded in the same period of 2021 to 41.17 Million Kgs. Production was also lower compared 46.32 Million Kgs that was recorded during the month of March. Lower production was attributed to depressed and erratic rainfall received over most parts of the country during the month, which was below the respective long-term mean for the month of April owing to the effects of La nina weather conditions. Though the month of April usually marks the peak of the Long Rains (March-April-May) season, the first half of the month was characterized by dry weather conditions over most parts of the country while the rainfall received in the second half was depressed (less than 75% of April Long Term Mean), occasional and unevenly distributed.

kenya tea industry performance highlights 2022 april

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