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Fertilizer User Guide Manual for Tea

fertilizer user guide manual for teaForeword

The Tea Research Foundation of Kenya and its predecessor has for the last 50 years carried our research on tea nutrition and land husbandry culminating in the development of a holistic integrated plant nutrient management package for the tea crop.

In the tea context, integrated nutrient management aims to optimize the condition of the soil, with regard to its physical, chemical, biological and hydrological properties for the purpose of enhancing tea productivity, whilst minimizing land degradation. This guidebook presents practical field level management practices for fertilization of the tea crop using mineral and natural fertilizers, farm yard manures and soil amending agents.

The practices presented herein are derived from accumulated research outputs carried out throughout the major tea growing regions of Kenya and are time tested for their efficacy.

The handbook is a must have for every tea grower.

pdf download Download Fertilizer User Guide Manual for Tea (PDF, 3.4MB)