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Soil Conservation Manual

soil conservation manual 2012 1st EditionTea Research Foundation of Kenya
1st Edition 2012


The Tea Research Foundation of Kenya in its day to day operations and in pursuit of its mandate, is guided a set of core values; environmental consciousness being one of them. The Foundation is therefore committed to ensuring that tea production is done in a sustainable manner.

One of the major aspects contributing to sustainable tea production is soil conservation. Reductions in crop yields on degraded soils have been attributed to the resulting poor physical and chemical properties and decreased nutrient content in both the soil and the plant.

The soil conservation measures as presented in this manual are derived previous tea research studies on soil conservation among other empirical studies referred and are in use at the Foundation and the entire tea industry in Kenya. Proper implementation of these measures coupled with other Good Agricultural Practices will foster sustainable tea production.

The tea industry stands to benefit in reference to the manual on soil conservation measures. The manual will be updated from time to time to incorporate emerging issues.

pdf download Soil Conservation Manual, 1st Edition, 2012 in PDF, 172KB