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Tea Growers Handbook

tea growers handbook 5th editionTea Research Foundation of Kenya
5th Edition, 2002


This handbook is a compilation of the Tea Research Foundation of Kenya’s (TRFK) recommendations for tea production. It is intended for use as the standard
book of reference for tea growers in Kenya.

This is the fifth edition of the handbook. The first, second and third editions were produced in 1965, 1966 and 1969 respectively by the Tea Research Institute
of East Africa (forerunner institution). The fourth edition was produced in 1986 by the Tea Research Foundation of Kenya. This fifth edition contains much new
information derived from the results of the Foundation’s research projects. The information in the previous editions, has been revised.

The work of revision and re-writing has been completed by the senior staff of the Foundation except where separate acknowledgement is made. In addition,
most Kenyan producers and tea officers have made their own special contribution to the text. Consequently the handbook now emerges as a unique testimony to that willingness to share experience for the benefit of everyone “in tea” in Kenya which characterises our progressive and expanding tea industry.

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