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Compliance and Surveillance

Compliance and Surveillance

Tea Board of Kenya licenses all tea factories and registers the other entities along the tea industry value chain. All the players along the tea value chain are required to foster law and order in the tea-subsector by complying to the Tea Act 2020 and other relevant laws of Kenya, codes and guidelines including the Tea Industry Code of Practice KS-2128 and specific teas Standards. 

The Board conducts regular compliance monitoring inspections in all licensed and registered entities to ensure they comply to best practices in their operations. The Board conducts impromptu surveillance inspections to check on any entities trading irregularly, without registration or any traders dealing in contraband and counterfeit tea products as well as border point surveillance to curb illegal tea products imports.

compliance and surveillance tea board kenya

Compliance and surveillance service are offered in two major categories: 

1. Monitoring Compliance

Tea Board of Kenya monitors activities of all licensed and registered value chain players through scheduled inspection/audit visits. This service targets tea factories/producers and tea traders (buyers/ exporters, tea warehouses and tea packers).

The Board checks adherence to good agricultural practices (GAP’s), good manufacturing practices    GMP’s) and good trading practices (GTP’s) as well as assurance to product quality, hygiene practices and product safety.



2. Surveillance Inspections

These inspections are aimed to identify any entities operating tea business irregularly in without formal registration. Unregistered firms are sensitized on the requirements for registration, terms and conditions for different business categories in the tea value chain. Surveillance eliminates counterfeit and contraband tea trade.

Tea Board of Kenya collaborates with other government agencies through border point surveillance activities to curb illegal imports.  Tea Board of Kenya further undertakes surveillance checks on weighing of tea growers’ green leaf to ensures that the requirements of weights and measurements are observed and adhered to.

Complaints Reporting

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