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Kenya Tea Industry Performance Highlights

Kenya Tea Industry Performance Reports - 2022 January

Tea production for the month of January 2022 dropped significantly by 3.84 Million Kgs from 52.52 Million Kgs recorded in December 2021 to 48.68 Million Kgs. Production during the month was also lower compared to 48.89 Million Kgs recorded in during the same period of last year. The drop in production for the month of January follows continued sunny and dry weather conditions condition that was more prevalent in tea growing areas the West of Rift especially during the second week of the month. However, the effect of dry weather in some of the tea growing areas in the East of the Rift was minimal.

Notably, in the West of Rift, tea growing areas in Nandi, Bomet, Kericho, and Nyamira and Counties were the most affected by unfavourable weather conditions, with. Nandi recording dry weather conditions in the first half of the month while Kericho received minimal rainfall of less than 3mm daily. During the second week of the month, Bomet and Nyamira recorded dry weather conditions. As a result of lower rainfall and dry weather conditions in the first half of the month, production within the West of Rift was significantly lower by 1.83 Million Kgs from 31.49 Million Kgs recorded during the same month of 2021 to 29.65 Million Kgs.

Within the East of Rift, most tea growing regions recorded low-moderate rainfall averaging 2-23mm daily throughout the month. Consequently, output within the East of Rift recorded an increase of 1.62 Million Kgs from 17.39 Million Kgs to 19.02 Million Kgs.

 kenya tea industry performance highlights 2022 january

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